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La Jolla Smile Car Center, Neni-Shriver, front office staff, Hazel, efforts at billing fraud should stop. Hazel represents the dentist would do cleaning, but when you show up, are told a dental hyienist would - this is clear bait and switch fraud.

When Hazel was asked why the misrepresentation, she became assaultive, yelling and screaming denying such. Hazel also demands a copy of the patient's ID, but that is not required, and such is a common tactic by employees who sell information to identity thieves.

I have also witnesses Hazel be assaultive toward a mother and frightening a child - simply see her post on Yelp!.

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I had an appointment with the hygienist last month apparently she didn't work that day even though I was going specifically for my annual cleaning.

They rescheduled and this time they said she had an emergency I honestly don't think there's a hygienist from a previous review I read. The dentist proceeded to clean my teeth so fast it to longer to park my car, she had the polishing tool on full power, it hurt I believe because of my type of Insurance the level of care was not there.

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